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Privacy Policy

Gentle takes your privacy very seriously. Its developer does not want to collect identifying information and designs Gentle to avoid it wherever possible.

What we collect and why

  • Account metadata: When you first use Gentle, an anonymous user account is created with a timestamp of when you started. This account is linked to your device.

  • Feature-specific data: When you create content that's part of the core experience of the app (e.g., a request or reply), that data is stored in order to serve it to you and others.

  • Support interactions: When you submit a report or email Gentle, a record is kept. This may include your email address, so that there is a history of past correspondences to reference if you reach out in the future.

  • Analytics and Errors: We collect anonymized information about the behavior of app and website users, along with aggregate data about crashes. See 3rd party services used for more info.

Data Deletion

You have the ability to delete all data associated with your user account, with the exception of support interactions, analytics data, and crash logs.

3rd-party services used

  • Firebase (Privacy Policy): Used to enable networked interactions in the app. Specifically, Firebase's Cloud Firestore and Authentication. Analytics features are disabled wherever possible.

  • Sentry (Privacy Policy): Used to investigate app crashes and errors. Privacy features such as data scrubbing, not storing IP addresses, and more are enabled.

  • Simple Analytics (Privacy Policy, What's Collected): Used to get basic information about the behavior of website visitors. It does not track visitors and does not store any personal identifiable information.

Questions and Feedback

This privacy policy might change or be edited for clarity over time. Up-to-date information will always be available on this page.

Please send an email if you have any questions about Gentle's data collection or privacy policies.

Last updated: April 13, 2020